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Cottages in Ireland that have a coffee maker

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The best holidays in Ireland are those that allow us to enjoy our daily rituals and provide new pleasures. Some people look forward to a cup of coffee when they awake. It might be all that they have for breakfast, so this list of holiday cottages in Ireland, with a coffee maker of some kind, is dedicated to them.

We all enjoy holidays, the chance to get away to somewhere completely different and see new sights or participate in activities we have never tried before. Ireland may be just that new holiday destination to encounter for you. It has much to commend it; fabulous scenery, the chance to meet a basking shark or puffin around the Dingle Peninsula, the curious tales of leprechauns and fairy folk, the musical evenings at the pub and the completely relaxed atmosphere. That cup of coffee may be completely essential to keep you alert and awake on holiday in Ireland because it is a land where everything runs at a slower pace and nothing matters, as long as you keep away from the cities.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to walk or ride along a deserted beach, to gaze at the mountains or spot wildflowers, rural Ireland is made for you. Just book that charming Irish country cottage that allows you a perfect cup of coffee and nothing but pleasure will come your way in Ireland.