Holiday rentals in Northumberland suited to people with children

Family holiday breaks in Northumberland that offer adventure

Looking for the perfect family destination in the rugged northeast of England? Northumberland is a superb place that caters for all ages and all tastes. Offering a stunning sandy coastline, mystical islands,  award-winning countryside and a glittering city life that’s the envy of more well-known locations up and down the country, this northern county is the ideal family holiday cottage staycation for you and your loved ones.

Family holidays in northumberland

Give the children new experiences in Northumberland

Upon arriving in Northumberland, shouts of ‘I’m bored’ will remain firmly in the past. This is due to the amount of attractions that are in offer in the county for families, and if you think you’ll have to suffer the agony of long, drawn-out car journeys, there’s no need to worry as the popular landmarks are all within a stone’s away from your traditional family-friendly Northumbrian holiday cottage.

A holiday home in Northumberland that would suit your family

family holiday home with BBQYour holiday cottage is in an ideal setting for your family. With picture-perfect countryside all around you, children will love the private enclosed garden which is not just a haven for local wildlife, but also a place where running around and playing amongst the tall evergreen trees is actively encouraged. Offering top of the range BBQ facilities and comfy outdoor furniture that allows you to relax, loosen up and enjoy a well-deserved glass of wine or two, your green green grass of home is a place that you will truly cherish.


Book a holiday cottage that has a games room

Even when the evening draws in, family time doesn’t have to stop suddenly as children and adults can make use of the onsite games room or even play cards around the large oak dining table. Alternatively, you can keep those moody teenagers happy with unlimited Wi-Fi, which is great for getting picture snappy on social media and for making your friends back home green with envy. Most holiday homes in Northumberland have WiFi.

A holiday rental where you can make yourself at home

cottage widescreen TVWhatever time you wake up and whatever time you decide to go to sleep, your charming and characterful holiday home offers you a whole range of amenities to keep you happy during rainy days or even if you just fancy a duvet day indoors. Spend quality moments in the comfort of your living room making the most of your leather sofa (depends on which cottage) and a widescreen TV with DVD player that offers a range of channels to suit any need, before going up to your choice of family-sized bedrooms for a peaceful 40 winks and a chance to dream of tomorrow’s adventures.

View self-catering holiday homes throughout Northumberland

Inspire dreams and adventures

Looking for fun-filled days out and about? There’s arguably nowhere more magical than Alnwick Castle and Gardens, dubbed ‘The Windsor of the North’. As just one of Northumberland’s many shining lights, Harry Potter enthusiasts will love the fact that this iconic castle was used as Hogwarts in the famed film adaptations. Alternatively, if you and your loved ones fancy a day on the beach, you can sit back and stare open mouthed at staggering panoramic views over to the beautiful Holy Island and Farne Islands, whilst the children paddle in the sea and mirror the template of Lindisfarne Castle in the golden sands. Dustanburgh Castle, shown above, is along the same stretch of coastline. surrounding each castle are tales of old, of valour, of history that could inspire your children.

The best family holidays are full of experiences

The most important things to create good memories on a family holiday are experiences. A good quality place to stay is just the beginning of a Northumbrian adventure. Sometimes it doesn’t matter that much about the activity you choose to do, it’s just a matter of going out an about an allowing the adventures to take place. It is easy to spend a small fortune on entrance fees to castles and stately homes and have quite a nice time but what children really want is not so much looking at objects as being involved and taking part.  Some of the visitor attractions actively encourage a certain level of participation and that is welcome but as much fun can also be had through simple free activities. Children even enjoy the little things like feeding a woodburner with logs, something that may not have the opportunity to do at home. View holiday cottages in Northumberland that have a woodburner and create another family memory.

family holiday cycling northumberland

Climb a hill in Northumberland

There are hundreds of walks in the Northumberland National Park and one of several that would have family appeal is the Hethpool Wild Goat Walk. This combines a stream, stiles to climb over, Cheviot goats to spot and a waterfall. Kids love getting muddy, paddling in streams and doing something different. It’s a shortish walk of about one and a half hours but combined with a family picnic, it could be a half day outing at least.  Staying in a self-catering accommodation allows families to prepare their own picnics and rely on supermarket purchased food.

Keilder Water Northumberland

Stay near Keilder Water and take the family for traffic-free cycling

family cycling northumberlandTake your children out on bikes around Keilder Water where there is a network of traffic-free paths through forest and around the lake. Take a trip past Hadrian's Wall and into Scotland. There is local bicycle hire is you don’t want to take your own bikes. Cycle hire may also be available free at certain holiday cottages but they will have only a limited selection. 


Coastal adventures in Northumberland

Older children may like the idea of kayaking or coasteering in Northumberland. There are opportunities for both but they do have to be proficient swimmers. Spotting lazing seals on the beach and colourful puffins is also a pleasure for all ages.

Book a coastal cottage in Northumberland if you plan to centre your family holiday around the seaside.

Northumberland is a place that you and your loved ones will relish coming to. Providing miles of countryside and forest in which to achieve those 10,000 steps, a mesmerising coastline that could be anywhere else in the world and towns and cities which epitomise the buzz and vibrancy of Northumbrian life, this is somewhere where the whole family will immediately call home from home.

northumberland family adventure